A Blank Poster has a lot of potential

—which is why every week we create posters based on a randomly generated word. The word works as the only common guideline for all participants and there are no judges so everyone is free to interpret the brief in their own way. The goal is to have a nice break from busy things and to be able to exercise creativity without restrictions.

We would love to have you with us so send us your poster design featuring the word of the week or if you’d like you can create a poster based on an old word which you can find an overview of in the filter function. The posters are made in a 5×7 ratio and submitted in a 1400 x 1960px size.

Submit posters to contact@blankposter.com
and visit the Facebook page for updates.

(Publishing of posters + new word every thursday.)


Additional Information

-Yes, you can submit as many poster designs as you like! :)

-Before submitting a poster save your file for web, JPEG or PNG.

-Please no download links. Attach your file/-s to an email.

-Make sure to state your name in the email when submitting.

-If you have a portfolio website please attach the URL in your submission so your poster can get linked to it.