Submit A Poster

Please read these instructions carefully before submitting.

General checklist:

  • Make sure to save your posters for web in 1400×1960 pixels with 72dpi.
  • We accept .jpg, .png and .gif.
  • Name your files like this: [Your_Name]_[Word]-[number] e.g. Jerry_Seinfeld_Sarcasm-1.jpg

If you are submitting a regular, still image:

  • If you have only one poster to upload, upload the full size version using the Primary Image button.
  • If you have several variations of the same poster that you want to submit, upload the main image using the Primary Image button file, additional posters can be uploaded using the Secondary Image(s) button.

If you are submitting an animated GIF:

  • Create a 357 x 500 pixel version of your animated GIF and upload it using the Primary Image button.
  • Create a 860 x 1204 pixel version of your animated GIF and upload it using the Secondary Image(s) button. 
  • Make sure the .gif animation is saved with looping turned on.


Blank Poster Submission

Make sure it starts with http://