Submit A Poster

Please read these instructions carefully before submitting.

General checklist:

  • Make sure to save your posters for web in 1400×1960 pixels with 72dpi.
  • We accept .jpg, .png and .gif.
  • Name your files like this: [Your_Name]_[Word]-[number] e.g. Jerry_Seinfeld_Sarcasm-1.jpg

If you are submitting a regular, still image:

  • If you have only one poster to upload, upload the 1400×1960 pixel version using the Primary Image button.

If you are submitting an animated GIF:

  • Create a 357 x 500 pixel version of your animated GIF and upload it using the Primary Image button.
  • Create a 860 x 1204 pixel version of your animated GIF and upload it using the GIF fullsize button.
  • Make sure the .gif animation is saved with looping turned on.

Blank Poster Submission

Make sure it starts with http://